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Welcome to Concourse; the podcast exploring community, grassroots, social and ethical aspects of the game.

Check out Series 2, interviewing the following organisations.

This series looks to explore the role of the game in combatting mental health challenges amongst fans and creating equality and access for all that engage with the game.

Football is introduce to many of us as a working class sport that teaches us problem solving, communication, social skills and more. It was this we took from playing the game, and watching it too - where we'd stand under the concourse at half time, and debate what was going well and what wasn't, as our teams played up and down the country, wherever we hailed from.

We have found and celebrated great examples of organisations that do so much with so little for their fans, members and community, when compared to the elite level of the game.

We give another voice to the positive message some clubs choose to be a platform for.

We ask; can we take the best bits of football's past and make them a part of its future?

Following you can listen to series 3. Football connects us the world over, and it keeps Dads and lads in touch. Danny and his Dad Mike dismantle Euro 2020 together, demonstrating how the importance of family relationships and sharing in the beautiful game together.



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data policy.

The internet is a powerful tool, but a dangerous one in the wrong hands. Little did we know that by 2020, social media and search engine organisations would have so much power over society.

This website was designed, innocently, to identify examples in the game and industry of football that fall short and to express opinion, both respectfully, and transparently. The website aims to be as fact based as possible but writers always reserve the right to express their views. As such, it is right to make this statement and encourage readers to form their own views too.

There is a genuine belief that Concourse and its content is a force for good, through all of its channels.

Social media and search engines now seem to know us better than we know ourselves. Any engagement you have, either with this site or others, is harvested, and used to influence what you see on such sites.

The aim here is to be as truthful as possible and positive, in the hope that any engagement you have leads to the generation of more positive content, not negative - we simply don’t need any more of that.

Concourse does not collect your data. This is a little corner of the internet where hopefully you can learn more about the better side of people, and find shared experience with others and how they engage with the game.

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